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About The Ihonvbere Foundation

The Ihonvbere Foundation is a private, independent grant making institution dedicated to helping groups and individuals foster lasting improvement in the human condition in Nigeria and Africa. Through the support it provides, the foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for the empowerment of women and young people.

The foundation strongly believes in the power of communities in both human and national development, and is mainly focused on education and the empowerment of civil society. We hope to focus on the encouragement of the building of content publishing systems designed for quickly creating highly interactive multi-language educational web sites, on-line communities, media portals, blogs and e-learning applications.

The Foundation benefits in its work from diversity at all levels of its operations. In working with other organizations and individuals, the Foundation values those who under-stand and share its commitment to diversity.


Prof. Julius Ihonvbere of the Ihonvbere Foundation

Prof. Julius Ihonvbere – Chairman of the Board

The Foundation is anchored by Professor Julius Ihonvbere who worked at the Ford Foundation in New York U.S.A, before returning to Nigeria to help with the development of an economic recovery program. The outcome of this selfless service has been the most dramatic recovery of a devastated economy in an African country.

Professor Ihonvbere shapes and approves foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the organization’s overall direction.

Mrs. Grace Ihonvbere of the Ihonvbere FoundationGrace Ihonvbere – President

Grace Ihonvbere serves as the President and Executive Director of the Ihonvbere Foundation. She reviews results, sets the overall direction of the organization, and leads the foundation’s efforts to promote equity for all stakeholders.



Mr. Nathaniel Osamede of the Ihonvbere FoundationNathaniel Osamede – Chief Operating Officer

Nathaniel (Nat) Osamede is the Chief Operating Officer & National Coordinator of the Ihonvbere Foundation.

He is accountable for HR, global workforce solutions, information & research services, the enterprise project management office, and partner engagement. Nat is also accountable for scholarship disbursement and management.

Mr. Daniel Ihonvbere of the Ihonvbere FoundationDaniel Ihonvbere – Chief Information Officer

Daniel Ihonvbere is the Chief Information Officer for the Ihonvbere Foundation. Daniel assists in shaping the integrated strategy for technology and digital platforms in furtherance of the foundation’s mission.


Members of the Board

Prof. Eme Ekekwe – Vice Chairman

Prof. Ebere Onwudiwe

Prof. Pita Agbese

Mr. Reginald Okun

Mr. Wilson Ihonvbere

Mrs. Erica Ojeaga