Ihonvbere Foundation Projects

  • Uzebba Hospital Project

Community Health Centre doanted by the Ihonvbere Foundation

In its efforts aimed at promoting a sustainable health care system for the rural poor in Nigeria, the Ihonvbere Foundation sponsored numerous health clinic projects across the state. One of these projects was the renovation of the Uzebba General Hospital and Iloje Maternity and Health Centre in the Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

The projects were  commissioned and declared open by the former Health Minister, Professor Eyitayo Lambo who charged other well meaning Nigerians to emulate the kind gesture of the Ihonvbere Foundation.


  • Education and Scholarships

Donation of study materials to a student

Meaningful citizenship and democratic practice cannot thrive without strong public schools and higher educational institutions that are accessible and equitable in providing challenging educational opportunities. The Ihonvbere Foundation supports the right of every young Nigerian to have access to educational institutions at all level.

To achieve this goal, Professor Ihonvbere believes that scholarship in key fields remains central to advancing public understanding, promoting civic dialogue and informing policy debates about complex social and cultural questions. The Foundation supports interdisciplinary scholarship in the social sciences and humanities on the premise that complex problems are best approached from multiple perspectives, including a focus on gender, race, ethnicity, identity, religion and culture. Providing scholarships to deserving young men and women enables the building of knowledge that deepens understanding of diversity and helps inform civic discourse in a continually diversifying nation and world.

Several key strategies inform our focus on the granting of scholarships:

* Building and sharing knowledge about educational policies and practices that promote high-quality education for all students, with particular emphasis on the experience of marginalized groups in primary, secondary and higher education
* Fostering community engagement and participation that promote improved and more equitable educational policies and practices
* Strengthening the quality of teaching and learning within school systems, particularly for underserved groups, through the development of innovative models
* Funding scholarship that can inform the public discourse about issues of identity, difference and equity in globalizing societies
* Funding fellowship programs for individuals, model programs at institutions and research to inform the policy discourse

  • Community Beautification Projects

A community beautification project in Edo State, Nigeria

The Ihonvbere Foundation embarks on community beautification projects like the renovation of roadways, the building of drainages and the enhancement of general structures.




Renovation of Uzebba Police Station

The Ihonvbere Foundation renovated the dilapidated police station and barracks in Uzebba, Owan West local government area of Edo State. Professor Julius Ihonvbere, who is the chair and trustee of the foundation, also donated a vehicle to the police in the locality to enhance their efficiency.
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